Outside is the New Inside: The Year’s Biggest Outdoor Design Trends


Outside is the New Inside: The Year’s Biggest Outdoor Design Trends

patio-right-materials-diningThe outdoor season is still upon us despite the threat of a chill in the air. You still have time to make your outdoor space function like an interior space for entertaining, relaxing and just being. Here are some top tips to harness the hottest design trends that optimize your backyard’s true potential.

Outdoor Rooms

In an age where home owners wish their indoor spaces to blend in perfectly with nature, designers are suggesting various ways in which to achieve this. Realtor.com suggests framing sitting areas with mildew- and water-resistant curtains, anchoring furniture with outdoor rugs, some of which can be found by following links like http://bazaarvelvet.com/hand-knotted-rugs/, and filling tall planters with ornamental grasses that form the illusion of a walled space.

Got a covered deck or patio? You could cover the ceiling in untreated, raw wood-planks to add warmth as well as mount wall sconces for a little mood lighting. Another idea is to add large daybed pieces, positioning cabanas over them to give much-needed shade. If you’re tight on space, add a rope hammock and decorate it with pillows and throws.

Innovative Fabrics

From polyester terrycloth to indoor/outdoor wovens, you can transform your outdoor furniture into furniture that looks like it belongs indoors. If you don’t want to invest in fabrics, you can use special sprays that create a moisture-repelling barrier on surfaces you may already have, such as canvas.

Alternative Flooring

Outdoor rugs have been the go-to exterior design concept for decades. While rugs are all fine and good, it’s time to boost your creativity a few notches and try budget-conscious flooring alternatives such as porcelain for its durability, simple installation and visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Beechwood deck tiles are another good idea, as they are quick to install, affordable and high in quality.

Bold Lighting

If you like dramatic elements for your interior décor, why not extend it to your outdoor space? If you spend a lot of time outside after the sun goes down, you know how dark it can get – even with a few well-placed lamps. Add bold lighting in fun colors like blue with gold hardware to create visual interest. Use a variety of lighting accents, from string lights and cover lighting to lanterns and deck lights.

Vertical Gardens

You may have a few potted plants inside, but what about for your patio space? Try vertical gardening to maximize your available space and grow your own herbs and vegetables at home. Add vertical structures like arches, pergolas and arbors for an elegant touch to give a sense of height and depth.

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