How to Landscape Your Investment Property

How to Landscape Your Investment Property

…and how to make that investment last

If you have a home or a vacation property that you want to make investments in, there’s no better way to boost its value and curb appeal than through the landscaping.

Your main goal will be to increase property value, and you can achieve that in many different ways. They all take hard work, regular maintenance and patience. According to SF Gate, a well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home with no landscaping, ranging from five to 12 percent, depending on the type of landscaping and your home’s original value.

Of course, this involves more than just sticking some flowers and shrubs in the ground and calling it a day. Your buyers will want to see a well-manicured design that incorporates everything from a diverse plant life to hardscaping elements such as gazebos and pergolas. Here’s how to make landscape your investment property.

Design with a Strategy

First, you need a solid strategy. You can’t clutter the entire yard with plants that require a lot of maintenance, but you also need more than plain grass with no landscaping. Encourage diversity among your plantings, keeping in mind that the ideal landscape features an even mix of shrubs and perennials. Make sure your plantings have a uniform look with just enough diversity for visual appeal.

Achieve Seasonal Balance

Lots of colorful flowers are great for the spring, but you need to keep the interest of potential buyers throughout other seasons too. Incorporate bright blooming bulbs for spring, annual beds for summer, shrubs with bright leaves in autumn, and evergreens in winter. Your investment will be made stronger if you can maintain a balance as the seasons change.

Match Landscape to Home

Make sure your landscape design fits with the style of your home. For example, don’t create a Japanese garden if you have a Victorian home. For that type of home, you’re best off with a cottage or country-style landscape. If you have a modern home, steer clear of square, formal gardens or lots of airy blooms. You’ll want to rely more on lots of greenery and natural-looking, streamlined beds.

Gazebos and Pergolas

These elements make your property investment last but they take a bit of care and maintenance so they can maintain their appearance over the years. Many of these items are built from cedar wood, which is certainly strong and can last for many years, but they are not immune to the wind, sun and rain.

You can’t control the elements, but you can maintain your pergola and gazebo to increase its longevity. This means you’ll have to care for and preserve the wood by coating it with a waterproof sealer to improve weather resistance.

You should do this every two to four years to maintain the freshest look. Sealants will prevent damage such as warps and cracks.

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