How to Keep Your Dallas Commercial Property Maintained

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How to Keep Your Dallas Commercial Property Maintained

Are you the owner or manager of a commercial property in Dallas? Whether you’re responsible for maintaining an office building, retail shop, doctor’s office park or shopping center, you likely realize the importance of keeping it safe and looking good. If not, your employees, customers and visitors could get hurt when on your property. Plus, you want to make a good impression on clients so they will do business with you. This begins and ends with a well-thought-out commercial lawn management plan.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your Dallas commercial property maintained.

1.    Install an Irrigation System

If you want to keep your common lawn areas lush and green, you have to install a proper irrigation system, which can be maintained by a professional landscaping company. What property owner has time to water plants, gardens and lawns? A sprinkler system is automatic so you don’t have to worry about it, plus it gives you coverage on all areas. The very first thing people notice about your property is a poorly maintained lawn peppered with brown patches and unhealthy landscaping. You need proper irrigation to ensure this doesn’t occur.

2.    Come Up With a Regular Fertilization and Weed Control Plan

A professional landscaper can put you on a regular program of fertilization and weed control so your entire landscape remains free of unsightly weeds and well-trimmed. This can be helpful if you don’t have the time to keep on top of fertilization schedules or pull weeds on your hands and knees daily. Your focus should be to grow your business, not your lawn!

3.    Add Landscape Lighting

The safety of your property is vital as well. You’ll need some strategically placed security cameras, but you’ll also need enough lighting to secure your building and surrounding grounds. While your property may be buzzing with activity during the day, at night, it may fall dormant, quiet and way too dark. This is when theft and accidents can occur. And if you own a business, such as a retail strip mall that’s open past dark, it’s your job to ensure proper visibility by customers.

To prevent trips and falls, incorporate pathway lighting. You’ll also need comprehensive lighting for parking lots and campus areas to deter theft and vandalism. Commercial landscape lighting is aesthetically pleasing too, casting a soft glow or a dramatic spotlight on tree lines, entry ways, gardens, water features and walkways.

4.    Keep Up With Seasonal Maintenance

Vital to the growth and health of your landscape investment is regular maintenance. If you neglect or skip notable fertilizing dates in the spring or forget about seasonal plantings, this detracts from the appearance and value of your property. Regular year-round lawn care is key if you want a green, healthy lawn to represent your business. If you don’t maintain it, your lawn will get overgrown and become threatened by lawn diseases and outdoor pests. Don’t neglect proper care throughout every stage of the year, as seasonal lawn care and maintenance requirements change with the temperature.

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