How to Create the Perfect Backyard Garden

How to Create the Perfect Backyard Garden

Gardens are great ways to enhance the beauty and serenity of your yard. Whether you want to create a flower garden, fruit and vegetable garden, or a combination of both, there are many ways you can create the perfect backyard garden as part of your unique outdoor living space.

1.    Size Things Up

Choose plants and trees that fit both the style and size of your garden area. Keep in mind that some varieties, such as Norway spruces, can grow up to 50 feet and take over your yard, says Yankee magazine. Always ask questions of your landscaper to ensure you have the space to accommodate plants, not just now but well into the future.

You may want to stick with stouter trees for your garden, such as with Stewartias, Korean white pines and paperbark maple.

2.    Look at the Big Picture

Don’t forget to look forward to how your garden and surrounding area will look once you have guests over. Before building anything, put out some chairs and a table, imagining how the space will feel when you are entertaining. Where will the grill go? What is the ideal seating arrangement? How will you segregate the garden proper from the guest area?

3.    Winterize

When envisioning your garden, think about what it may look like in winter. Even though Dallas is pretty temperate all year round, winter can dip down into the 30s and 40s.

First, concentrate on stonework, evergreens, and fruit-bearing trees with unique bark patterns. Next, add in the shrubs, perennials, annuals and bulbs. Your garden won’t look the same all year long, so make sure what you’re adding will have beauty and appeal through all months.

4.    Play with Color

Year-round color is a must in your backyard garden. You may want to switch things up with evergreens, as well as a variety of plants ranging from shrubs and annuals to perennials and biennials. Plant some strawberries, tomatoes, summer squash and lettuce for a nice range of colors that are as nice to look at as they are to eat.

5.    Complement Your Home

No matter what size or type of garden you have, make sure it reflects the style of your home. As the dominating feature on your property, your house sets the tone for everything around it. Got a modest home? Don’t incorporate lots of fancy embellishments such as elaborate statues or huge waterfalls in your garden.

6.    Add Extra Features

A garden on its own is certainly a sight to behold. But what really makes it truly magnificent is the features it holds. Add a water feature or pond for a peaceful setting. Create a seating area off to the side with a fire pit, or add an arbor or pergola over a quaint patio to enhance your enjoyment of the garden.

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