Holiday Decorating Tips for Outdoors

Holiday Decorating Tips for Outdoors

To celebrate the holidays, you’ve likely decorated the interior of your home to coordinate with the season. Those decorations bring warmth to the family and welcome guests with bright lights, garland and bows. But what about the outside? That’s what everyone sees, and it can really boost your curb appeal during December if you know how to incorporate beautiful yet tasteful holiday decorations. If you’re going to decorate outdoors, you have to do it right — no throwing a net of bulbs over your bushes and calling it a day! For example, you could look at these portable cabins for sale and see how you could transform them into a grotto. Here we offer some holiday decorating tips for the outdoors so you can become the shining light of your neighborhood.

Frame Your Entryway

magnolia leaf wreathThe front door, porch and walkway are the focal points of your home. Make them stand out and welcome guests warmly by highlighting this area of the exterior. For the front door, a simple fresh Balsam wreath dotted with cranberries and pine cones can make a nice adornment. Or, try a magnolia leaf wreath and garland strewn with bright ornaments in red, silver, and gold tones, as seen here in Better Homes and Gardens. Drape garland peppered with white lights around the doorway as well, topped with pine cones and baubles. Or, for a rustic look, go with snow-tipped dried orange and cinnamon garland. To finish off the look, stack wrapped gifts against the door if it’s not in use. If you use your front door, stack the gifts to the side. If you have a farmer’s porch, hang planters along the side filled with greenery, pinecones, clementines, berries and evergreen sprigs.

Light the Landscape

If you’re planning on using exterior illumination, you’ll have to decide on white bulbs or colored. While colors are a festive, fun choice, white represents a classy, traditional look that complements your beautifully-decorated home. Purchase lights with timers to save yourself time and money on energy bills this season. This way, you can program the lights to go on and off according to a pre-set schedule. In addition to traditional twinkle lights, add another dimension and graphic shape to your outdoor display with a tree decorated with brightly lit Moravian stars in random spacing to break up the monotony, advises HGTV. Light the walkways with just a few strands of lights on surrounding bushes or shrubbery — enough to keep guests safe as they navigate to your front door. This will create just enough ambient lighting for safety as well as a warm glow cast on patios, pavers, trails and walkways.

Add Color and Symmetry

For a sculptural bare tree or shrub off to the side away from kids and the risk of strong wind gusts, you may consider decorating with ornaments instead for an offshoot of color. Create some magic by choosing a single color rather than a variety of hues; shades of blue work well for a wintry theme. You can purchase shatter-proof ornaments at your local home improvement store or department store. When adding stringed twinkle lights to your bushes and trees, take some time to plan it out. For a balanced look, drape the lights at consistent stopping points along each trees. Wrapping them at the same approximate height will create symmetry.

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