Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer S’Mores with Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer S’Mores with Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Summer is known for its barbecues, swimming, warm weather and of course s’mores over the fire. An outdoor fire pit in your backyard makes for the perfect summer attraction, where you can enjoy the sunset sipping a drink or visiting with friends around the campfire. There are many benefits associated with adding a fire pit or fireplace to your backyard. Here are some of them.

Vertical Focal Point

Outdoor fireplaces certainly afford a central gathering space for everyone to come together, but they also act as design anchors for outdoor living. Whether you add a wood-burning fire pit or a stone fire pit, they make for a stunning focal point for your entire backyard.

Extend the Livability and Comfort of Your Outdoor Space

With a backyard firepit, you can enjoy your patio area for several months. Without one, you may hardly ever venture outside or make use of the rest of your yard. When a firepit is added, it draws people out of the home so they can come together. When paired with comfy seating, you have a convenient, comfortable space to gather throughout the season.

Increases Home Value

When you add a firepit, you increase your home value, as potential buyers see this as an asset to the property. Consequently, it makes your yard more unique and modern compared with traditional landscaping.

Creates Ambiance

Raging bonfires can be a lot of fun, but they’re just not practical in congested residential areas. Control your fire with a decorative stone firepit or brick fireplace to add ambiance and class to your gatherings. A firepit on your patio adds an unmatched uniqueness, beauty and ambiance to any outdoor decor.

And when you surround your firepits with gorgeous, manicured landscaping, you are creating an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for spending time with others. A little bit of warmth makes all the difference.

A firepit or fireplace has a way of transforming your landscape, bringing a touch of sophistication to your backyard. Go for a tribal feel and install tiki torches around the patio, or line a path toward the fire.

Draws People Out

Nothing gets people outside like the allure of a campfire. Get the kids away from the video games, get your spouse off the couch and away from the TV. Throw a party. Kick everyone’s routines into high gear. Let the warm glow and crackling fire bring you together with the ones you love.

Keep Bugs Away

Bugs — especially mosquitoes – are annoying and dangerous. They also hate flames, so keep them at bay with a roaring fire. Why head inside early just because the bugs came out? Add some citronella candles around the patio, then sit back and relax as you enjoy a night free from bugs. It’s best to burn soft woods, which does the best job of keeping pests away.

Alternative Cooking Area

Your outdoor fireplace is good for more than roasting marshmallows and hot dogs – it doubles as a cooking station. From grilling chicken kebabs to cooking vegetables on a grate, you can turn your backyard patio into a second kitchen and never miss a beat while entertaining.

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