Fences vs. Gates: Which Ones are Best for You?

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Fences vs. Gates: Which Ones are Best for You?

Fire pit built in Dallas, TX Are you “on the fence” when it comes to how you want to enclose your property? Fences and gates may sound the same but they are different in a few ways. The one you choose will depend on your intended usage, landscape design, budget and personal style. People tend to put fences around their entire property or around an in-ground pool, while gates are usually reserved for the front portion of a yard or to enclose a garden area.

Here are some pros and cons of fences vs. gates to help you make your decision.


Fences are quite versatile. Sure, you could install a fence at all the same height around the perimeter, or you could incorporate a stepped design. For instance, you could install a taller section of fence around your patio, seating area and hot tub, with lower fencing beside the lawn, to provide you with privacy just where you need it, suggests Forbes.

Fences serve a wide variety of purposes, from deterring trespassers from entering your property to enforcing boundaries for children and pets. Here are some more benefits of privacy fences:

  • Can discourage intruders and unwanted stray animals and other wildlife from coming into your yard.
  • Keep kids and pets safely within the yard.
  • Keep outsiders from stumbling into your pool when unsupervised.
  • Give you privacy when you’re relaxing in your backyard.
  • Provide peace and solitude relaxing by the pool or doing yard work.
  • Define property boundaries so there is no confusion between neighbors.
  • Enhance landscape and curb appeal
  • Add character and beauty to your landscape.

You have a pretty wide range of options when it comes to fencing, whether you want to go with something different (think accent walls, living walls, horizontal fences or shadow box fences) or traditional (vertical, picket, split rail, trellis).

You can also choose from many materials, from chain link to wood to vinyl. Wood and vinyl tend to be more decorative while chain link brings more security and functionality. Fences can be customized to the required need and available space, and can also serve as a strong design element of the landscape. Whether front and center, or as a subtle background accent, fences can be very beneficial to homeowners.


Gates are similar but tend to be shorter and more decorative in nature. They can refer to the fencing area themselves or just to the latched portion that opens and closes. They can also refer to the point of entry to a space that is enclosed by walls. While gates won’t provide the safety and security you need to keep intruders out or even kids and pets in, they are ideal for adding character to your property.

Gates are highly customizable, too. You can choose:

  • Gate panels (one or two)
  • Single door or double door
  • Hardware (i.e., wrought iron latches)
  • Gate top patterns
  • Styles: lattice, privacy, shadow box, spaced picket, space bar, split rail, farm style)
  • Material: wood, wrought iron, vinyl, bamboo

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