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Keeping your yard neat and tidy is half the battle in presenting a unified front to the neighborhood. You can have all the nicest exterior amenities, from patios to pools, but if your yard is cluttered and overgrown, it will become an eyesore. Don’t let your yard fall victim to neglect. Listen, we know you’re busy, between work to shuttling the kids everywhere to getting dinner on the table every night and while getting large sheds could help with your cluttering and storage issues. Who has time to do yard work? Well, we do! Enlist the help of Outdoor Home Living to upkeep your lawn and other exterior spaces so your property becomes the envy of the neighborhood. Our landscape and construction services are, hands-down, the best in Texas thanks to our unwavering attention to detail and commitment to perfection. If you don’t live in this area and live in South Carolina for example, you may want to visit TreeWiseMen tree trimming service Hilton Head Island, SC. They’ll help you get rid of any trees that get in the way in your garden, or if you need them shortening due to a height restriction, they’re the landscapers for you.

Our mission us to deliver superior landscape services that create one-of-a-kind transformations at a fair market value. Our specialty is designing and building outdoor living spaces that not only look fabulous but that are functional too. After all, what good is a showpiece if you can’t actually live in it? We design landscape creations that are built to last, giving you and your family many years of enjoyment day after day.

Landscape Design and Build: A Cut Above the Rest

Our landscape services include so much more than just mowing the lawn every week. Although that’s definitely one of our specialty offerings, we also provide you with complete, far-reaching services that address the whole rather than the parts. Sure, you could hire a lawn mowing company to trim the yard every week, a gardener to plant flowers or a designer to incorporate a decorative arbor in the back yard, but with Outdoor Home Living, we employ a wide variety of professionals who can do it all. Why hire several contractors when you can hire just one to take care of everything?

Stones and Firepit Landscaping DallasHere is an overview of what we provide as part of our landscape services:

Your home’s exterior should look superb throughout each season every year, and Outdoor Home Living can achieve that and more for you. Our total approach to landscape maintenance and management is matched to your unique outdoor living space, so you can enjoy and protect your yard every day of the year. Texas living can be harsh, what with the summer sun and dry days. Protect your lawn and everything else around it with regular landscaping and maintenance from Outdoor Home Living. Our technicians make weekly visits to ensure your lawn, garden and other exterior features are doing fine. From watering to trimming to treating, we keep up with your yard so you don’t have to.

Boost Your Property Value in Dallas, Texas

Good landscape design can boost your property value up to 20 percent, according to Bob Vila. That means when you hire Outdoor Home Living, you’re making an investment in the value of your home and all exterior spaces. This is especially valuable if you ever plan to sell your home. For quality aesthetics, increased curb appeal and added functionality, incorporating landscaping services into your budget is a wise move for any savvy homeowner. The ability to design and construct arbors and pavilions that tie together outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, custom pools and water features is what makes our business stand out from the rest. We have the knowledge, experience and skills needed to deliver a unique outdoor retreat that feels like a seamless extension of the inside of your home. Combining the amenities you desire with the latest construction techniques and technology products not only provides easy maintenance, but pure enjoyment for every member of your family.

To help you keep your outdoor living space picture-perfect, we offer residential maintenance and management packages, design and build services, and so much more to dramatically enhance your outdoor experience. Using innovative and inspiring landscapes that seamlessly integrate aesthetically pleasing and practical elements, our talented team can construct your entire outdoor living space to the highest of standards. In addition, we work with you to develop a master plan to maintain consistency during your project. Add beauty and living space to your landscape through these custom features:
Dallas Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace

  • Custom Masonry – fireplaces, patios, columns, entries, special features
  • Outdoor Kitchens – built-in appliances, cabinets, custom layout
  • Living Spaces – arbor, pavilion, trellises
  • Architectural Design Elements – ironwork, cast stone elements, special features
  • Exterior Structures – air conditioned cabanas, garages and pavilions
  • Fencing – custom masonry, wrought iron, wood designs

For 100 percent customer satisfaction and a beautiful end result that you can be proud of, choose Outdoor Home Living as your top provider in Texas for state-of-the-art landscaping services. Give us a call now to schedule a consultation at 214-328-LAWN or feel free to email us at

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