5 Benefits of Commercial Lawn Maintenance and Management

As a business owner, keeping up your property is a priority. A clean, neat, attractive landscape offers many advantages, from customer and employee safety to aesthetic appeal and increased property value. A big part of that is scheduling regular commercial lawn maintenance and management to ensure your property looks its best all year long. Here […]

5 Benefits to Incorporating Stonework into Your Landscape

If you’re looking to dramatically enhance the natural beauty and functionality of your landscape, one solution is to incorporate stonework fixtures. From fire pits and retaining walls to patios and garden pathways, there are many ways to beautify your property in various shapes, textures and styles. Not only will your entertainment value go up, your […]

Your Fall Dallas Landscaping Checklist

  It’s that time of year again: prepping your lawn for the upcoming winter. There’s lots to be done this fall in order to ensure your landscape makes it through the colder months. That’s because cooling temperatures slow above-ground growth, with moister soil encouraging strong root development, says This Old House. Here’s a handy Fall […]

It’s Spring: Prep Your Yard for the Season

Spring is a busy time of year for your yard, and there’s no better time to spruce it up than now. From landscaping to exterior maintenance, here are some tips on how to prep your yard for spring. Inspect Your Tool Shed and Plant Window Boxes If you’re like many homeowners, your shed is decorative […]

5 Decluttering Tips for Making Your Yard More Serene

While the inside of your home may be neat and organized, the outside may be another matter entirely. It’s easy to let those tools pile up, let the garden overgrow, and let stuff (think bikes, sports equipment and the like) stay scattered throughout the yard. It’s time to declutter your yard and bring a serenity […]

Benefits of Having a Well-Maintained, Landscaped Property

Everyone wants to have a nice, manicured lawn and beautiful landscape so they can stand out in the neighborhood. Sure, it looks aesthetically pleasing, but what other benefits does it have? From increased curb appeal to prevention of water run-off, check out these many benefits of a well-maintained, landscaped yard. And by well-maintained, we mean […]

Importance of Fertilizer Ratio for Growing Lush Green Lawns

For many homeowners, an important component of building a beautiful outdoor living area is to have a lush, green lawn. Not only do lawns add aesthetic appeal to homes, they also provide a number of other benefits, including soil stability, air cooling, and noise pollution reduction. For homeowners who are new to lawn care and […]

How to Treat St. Augustine Grass in Spring

St. Augustine grass, known technically as Stenotaphrum secundatum, is a fast-growing, warm season grass that easily adapts to various soil conditions and pH levels. It happens to be the most common turf grass grown in Florida, Texas, and the southeastern United States. If you’re looking for a dense, lush carpet of grass that’s dark or blue-green in […]

4 Winter Landscaping Tips in Texas

You may wonder: who does landscaping in winter? But any good landscaper will tell you it’s important to keep up with certain landscaping tasks even in the colder months to prepare for a successful spring season. Winter is also the perfect time to add accents to your landscape that embrace the beauty of the season. […]

Lawn Maintenance Tips for Texas Summers

  Would you like your lawn to be green all summer? Would you like some lawn maintenance tips for Texas summers? Hot summers in Texas can be a big burden for your lawn. It could lead to problems like browning or lawn burn where the entire lawn or bits and pieces of it turn brown. […]

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