Best Types of Outdoor Fire Pits in Dallas

Best Types of Outdoor Fire Pits in Dallas

Best Types of Outdoor Fire Pits in Dallas

As a homeowner in Dallas TX, you enjoy temperate weather all year long. Even in the winter when the temps can get a little chilly, you can stay warm with a fire pit in your backyard. Outdoor Home Living is the company to choose to build your fire pit thanks to many years in the business and expertise on which types are best for your backyard. We are happy to sit down with you and come up with a plan, whether you’re looking for a simple fire pit for roasting marshmallows every once in awhile or a more ornate one that can complement your outdoor kitchen. Let’s take a look at which types of fire pits you should build in Dallas TX.


Stones and Firepit Landscaping Dallas
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Built to last, concrete is an ideal material because it’s durable and versatile, able to withstand high heat and the demands that come with outdoor living. Concrete is inherently fire resistant and does not burn, featuring a low initial cost with little to no maintenance, points out The Concrete Centre. Bringing a bit of warmth to your gathering on cool nights affords yet another entertainment option for you. Why head inside when the sun sets? Incorporate decorative concrete into your fire pit feature and you can customize your pit to fit your style and needs, whether a sleek modern one or a rustic natural one that blends seamlessly with your backyard surroundings.

You can make your fire feature as ornate as you want, adding a stone chimney, storage space for wood and tools, a hearth, seating areas and much more. Let Outdoor Home Living hand-craft you a decorative fire pit, sunken well-wrought fire pit, or linear ventless fireplace. Want classic stone features? You got it.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone Fire Pit in Dallas, TX
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There’s nothing that quite compares to the natural beauty of stone, which comes in a variety of colors and textures. You have many options when it comes to shapes with natural stone. Perhaps you might want a semi-circular stone bench surrounding a circular stone fire pit? The Landscaping Network says this set-up provides optimal seating for guests plus offers a beautiful aesthetic for any patio area. Remember, though, your fire put doesn’t have to be circular, which is traditional but not necessary. What about a square, rectangle or other geometric pattern to take things up a notch?

Fire Bowls and Other Cool Ideas

Fire bowls are a simple yet elegant way to have a campfire without all the fuss. For a truly modern appeal, try a sunken rectangular-shaped fire pit (not a great idea with kids and pets around though!). You could go for the natural look and use boulders to outline to your fire pit, too. For small backyards where you can’t fit both water and fire features, why not combine the two in one? This fire pit-fountain combination uses a gas-powered flame that allows plumbing and gas lines to be run through a pillar to create a flowing fountain emerging from beneath a fire pit bowl, says HGTV Gardens.

Give us a Call

Got another idea? Not sure if it will work? Want an expert option? Don’t know want you kind of fire pit you want at all? We can help you flesh out some ideas and make them become a reality. Contact us today to find out how we can incorporate a fire pit in your Dallas TX backyard. It’s time to reclaim your backyard and start living in it again!