8 End-of-Summer Cleanup Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Stones and Firepit Landscaping Dallas

8 End-of-Summer Cleanup Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Stones and Firepit Landscaping Dallas

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning up the yard in preparation for cooler weather. Here are eight cleanup tips to help preserve your outdoor spaces throughout winter so they’re ready to go when the hot weather returns.

1.    Clean Decking

September is the perfect time to clean your outdoor wood decking. Remove all the furniture and use a leaf blower to get rid of all large dirt and debris. Next, fill a large bucket with warm water and some gentle dish detergent. Use a brush to scrub the deck, then rinse with a hose and let dry. Apply wood sealer to your deck (you’ll want to do this every other year) to protect it from water damage and the sun.

2.    Clean Water Features

Scoop out debris, such as leaves, twigs and insects, from the water with a small net. Check that there is nothing clogging the pump so that it can circulate properly. Unplug the pump and drain the water from the fountain if the water is dirty. Remove the pump and soak in a simple solution of white vinegar to get rid of mineral stains. Wipe the outside with a soft cloth to maintain a clean water feature.

3. Remove and Store Outdoor Lighting

Leaving your outdoor string lights up all winter will leave the bulbs and wiring vulnerable to wind, rain and cold. Wrap and store them until spring.

4. Maintain Your Hot Tub

It’s vital that you keep your hot tub clean, with a balanced chlorine level, on a regular basis. Remove the film and rings above the waterline on the interior wall to avoid contaminating the water with dirt and cleaning chemicals.

5. Clean Out Your Fire Pit

If you have a fire pit, scoop out debris from all those summer s’mores and cover it up with its designated cover.

6. Clean the Garage

Empty the entire garage, sweep it out, and take this time to purge the stuff you no longer need. Check the floors for oil and gas spills, using a specialized cleaner to remove spots.

7. Upkeep the Front Walkway

Give your front walk a good cleaning. Remove everything from the front stoop and sweep it off. Remove cobwebs around light fixtures. Make any repairs to steps that could become a tripping hazard.

8. Do Some Weeding

Crabgrass runs rampant in early fall, so this is a great time to do some weeding. Go around the yard or garden with a bucket and gloves. Pull out weeds and grasses that are sprouting up between the stones on your walkway to make it look more welcoming to guests.

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