8 Benefits of Owning a Pergola


8 Benefits of Owning a Pergola

Looking for a creative way to enhance the quality and enjoyment of your outdoor living experience? Are you searching for a way to give your backyard, deck or patio more visual appeal? Are you looking for a place to store all those extra potted plants you have? There is one solution to all these situations…add a pergola.

This is a simple structure that has the ability to transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you have been craving. They may look like uncompleted structures because they are built with roof and vertical beams that lack a solid roof or walls. However, they come with many benefits that will change the entire look of your outdoor space. Here’s why you should get a pergola for your home.

1.  You Get More Privacy

Yes, it’s an open structure, but you can create more privacy by adding latticework, drapes or screens on one side.

2.  They Define a Space

Top of FormBottom of FormA pergola adds definition to your backyard, whereby you can create an entertainment lounge or a dining area – even if you don’t have an existing deck or patio.

3.  They Can Display Your Plants

It’s easy to add more garden space in your outdoor area with a pergola. They offer the perfect spot to hang plants from the boards, whereby you can create a virtual garden in the air. Pergolas are great for plants such as grape vines, honeysuckle, ivy, and wisteria because they grow from the ground up to form a natural ceiling as they undulate and intertwine.

4.  They Offer Protection

Pergolas provide a certain amount of protection and shade from the elements while still letting some filtered sun through.

5.     They Add Value

Pergolas are affordable, unlike more complex projects like gazebos, yet they add immense value to your property. This is an added bonus if you plan to sell your home in the near future, as pergolas are attractive to potential buyers.

6.  They Can Be Combined With Other Structures

Pergolas can act as lead-ins to other structures such as verandas or gazebos. This versatile structure doesn’t have to stand alone – it works best when paired with other similar structures.

7.  They Come in a Variety of Materials

A pergola can be built with a variety of materials, such as cedar, metal, and vinyl.

8.  They Augment Your Entertainment Space

If you love to throw outdoor parties, pergolas give you the perfect place to hold them. It’s easy to dine under a pergola, enjoy a drink, socialize and more.

As you can see, there’s little doubt a pergola is a gorgeous, versatile structure that adds appeal to any backyard.

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