5 Unique Fence Ideas For Your Home

Stones and Firepit Landscaping Dallas

5 Unique Fence Ideas For Your Home

Stones and Firepit Landscaping Dallas

Fences add many benefits to your yard and home, from increased curb appeal and safety to increased security and property value. Whether you’re adding a fence to keep your kids and pets in, or your sole goal is to keep others out, a fence adds value to a property in many different ways. So why not have fun with it?

From horizontal panels to living walls, this is your chance to get creative so you can be the talk of the neighborhood. Here are five unique fence ideas to consider for your home.

1.    Vertical Garden Wall

Also known as a living wall with succulents, a vertical wall is a hanging garden comprised of living plants. This is a unique way to turn a so-so space into an interesting focal point that screams “conversation piece.”

Succulents are a great choice for a vertical garden due to the fact that they grow slowly, are very hearty, and are available in a wide range of colors, textures and sizes. When you artfully blend a variety of these plants, you can create a truly inspiring vertical garden that piques instant interest to your backyard.

2.    Horizontal Fences

Rather than go the traditional vertical route, why not shake things up a bit and go horizontal? Not only is this simple style clean and modern, you can make the fence as high as you want because you’re not constrained by vertical height limitations.

3.    Shadow Box Fences

Shadow box fences look equally good from both sides, providing a 3D effect that gives you plenty of privacy along with style. Shadow fences are desirable because not only are they unique and you don’t see many of them, they allow air to flow through. Thanks to its spacing and design, this style extends the life span of your fence.

4.    Composite Panels

Composite fences are comprised of a blend of resin or plastic with wood, giving you infinite decorative options. Good Housekeeping shows off this leafy, modern pattern that’s just right to update even the plainest of patios.

5.    Gabion Wall

This style is derived from the Italian word “gabbione,” which means “big cage.” These are mesh-enclosed structures that cost a lot less than mortared stone walls due to the construction being less labor-intensive. Check out this cool style here.

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