4 Winter Landscaping Tips in Texas

4 Winter Landscaping Tips in Texas

You may wonder: who does landscaping in winter? But any good landscaper will tell you it’s important to keep up with certain landscaping tasks even in the colder months to prepare for a successful spring season. Winter is also the perfect time to add accents to your landscape that embrace the beauty of the season. If you find that it’s too cold and wet out then look into this Kennesaw Landscaping Company for help. So, now lets check out these four tips for winter landscaping.

Winter Landscaping Tips in Dallas, TX

1. Prep the Lawn

Even though your grass may have stopped flourishing with the cooler weather, you should take this opportunity to fertilize and reseed the lawn. This is the time in which the roots are growing deeper into the ground in order to make it through winter. Your landscaping professional can advise you on when to apply pre-emergent herbicides in the winter and post-emergents in the early spring to avoid weeds.

2. Prune Shrubs and Hedges

In order to encourage healthy growth come spring, you need to prune your shrubs and hedges, says Home Advisor. To achieve this in the best way possible, make a cut at a slight angle about a quarter inch from the branch. This can be a tricky task to get just right, so you may want to hire a professional for this job. Wrap your shrubs in burlap to keep the frost from damaging them. You may also want to spread some mulch at the base to give them even more insulation for those cold nights.

3. Trim the Trees

Overhanging tree limbs can pose a safety threat. Trim them back in order to prevent them from hitting power lines or your roof. All too easily, branches can pull on your gutter system and give you even more headaches to deal with. An arborist will be better able to tell you which trees to prune during which months. These pros also know how to remove branches strategically without doing damage to the tree. My friend had a very tall tree that they needed to trim so they had to purchase a pole saw. This let them reach high enough to trim their tree. If you have a lot of bigger trees that need dealing with, these tree lopping Perth services might be good for you to deal with.

4. Prep Landscape Fixtures

A large part of your landscape is made up of plant life, to be sure, but a significant part is also made up of fixtures like patios and walkways that need TLC to get through winter. When it comes to brick, stone or concrete surfaces, such as that for your patios and walkways, temperature changes and humidity from the summer can cause shifting throughout the year. This leads to uneven settling that can pose a problem if not attended to. Make sure these areas are kept free from pooling water and debris to cut down on chances of damage. If these areas are prone to ice buildup, do what you can to prevent this from happening earlier in the season. You may nee to make an adjustment as far as drainage goes, perhaps adding some gutter extensions or a gravel drainage channel to address these issues. If you have an inground pool, you should have hired a professional to come out and winterize them last fall. However, hot tubs typically come with removable covers that allow homeowners to enjoy them all year long, even in cooler weather. Make sure you give your hot tub pump, motor and accessories a tune-up before winter to avoid freezing water in the pumps.

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