4 Benefits of Landscaping Retaining Walls

4 Benefits of Landscaping Retaining Walls

Retaining walls bring an unrivaled aesthetic appeal to any yard, but they also add a functional element too. Detailed and attractive with stone that really catches the eye, retaining walls serve to hold back earth, brush or water, hence the name: retaining.

 A retaining wall can do so much, from helping you create a terrace or a flat area in a steep yard, to simply holding up a sloped bank to prevent soil erosion, says Bob Vila.

Let’s go over four benefits of landscaping retaining walls.

1.  Functional

When you install a retaining wall in your yard, you are adding a highly functional element to your yard that also adds curb appeal. As such, you are able to create leveled gardens, tiered walkways and much more. They must be correctly and professionally installed, though, as these walls must be durable and strong to keep everything in place for many years to come. They hold back dirt and earth, keeping it from falling in on itself. You can then plant beautiful flowers in front of it for even more added appeal.

2.  Eco-Friendly

Retaining walls are more functional and efficient than a standard concrete wall, allowing for more natural runoff of water. Because these walls fit in so nicely with the surrounding landscaping with such a small environmental impact, more and more homeowners are looking to add these to their yards. Plus, they improve the flow of rainwater drainage so you don’t have to take more unnatural, invasive measures.

3.  Cost Efficient

You get more bang for your buck when you install a retaining wall as part of your landscape. The ROI is high, plus they can completely change the face of your whole property for a lower cost than a larger, more involved home improvement project. House Logic says if you invest $5,000 in both hardscaping and landscaping projects like walkways and retaining walls, you can recoup $4,000 of those costs when you go to sell.

The versatility of these walls is what helps them add value to your home. Future buyers love to see retaining walls and landscaped yards.

4.  Little to No Maintenance

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have with landscaping is that it takes so much time and maintenance. But once you have installed a retaining wall in your yard, you don’t have to do anything else beyond an occasional power washing.

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