3 Spring Time Commercial Landscaping Tips in North Texas

3 Spring Time Commercial Landscaping Tips in North Texas

Spring has sprung and your commercial property is starting to look alive again. As a property owner or facility manager, you know warmer weather signals that it’s time to give your landscape some much-needed TLC.  After the harsh winter, you likely will find that your property needs landscape enhancements or a complete upgrade.

As you prepare your property for spring and summer, you have to assess the damage that has been done and then come up with a plan to get your landscape ready for many months of enjoyment by guests, tenants, clients and employees. Here’s how you can revive your building’s outdoor spaces and augment your landscape with the latest outdoor trends:

1.  Inspect Winter Weather Damage

Take the time to carefully inspect your property for any signs of damage that may have occurred over the winter. In addition to severe weather conditions, the biggest culprits of winter damage are pests, hibernating wildlife, and de-icing agents like salt. While salt is necessary during icy and snow conditions to keep visitors safe, they really do a number on lawns, plants, and hardscapes.

Walk the property and take note of the damage that you see. Take into account the health of the lawn, the appearance of garden beds, walkways that could have suffered damage, and debris that needs tending.

2.  Give New Life to Your Plants

The average lifecycle of landscape shrubs and plants is 10 years, but this will all depend on disease, storm damage, and other conditions. Do you notice plants that look like they have seen better days? Your landscape may need a face lift, perhaps by adding new flowers and foliage.

Consider where you can add pops of color and whimsy to your landscape. The trend is moving more towards violets, verbena, iris, clematis, and other purple flowers into commercial landscapes. Patterned plants are also popular thanks to their detailed striped leaves and brightly-colored veins.

3.  Upgrade Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Commercial landscape design extends way beyond simple maintenance and lawn care. A nice landscape will also incorporate experiential elements, like hardscapes built for working, living, and playing. These not only enhance your overall landscape through the addition of visual appeal, they also add functional features such as patios, courtyards and built-in seating areas where tenants, employees and guests can hold outdoor meetings, eat lunch or socialize.

Popular permanent hardscape features to incorporate into your space for employees and tenants include walking paths, bicycle paths, gardens and dining areas.

Now is also the time to revamp the softscape of your property, such as flowers, shrubs, and trees. You may want to revive your building’s exterior entrance with water features, large potted plants or decorative walkways using a variety of mixed hardscape materials.

Talk to your commercial landscaping team to consider new ways to breathe life into your commercial landscape.

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