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7 Things to Consider When Adding a Fence in Dallas

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018


As a Dallas home owner, you may be considering a fence to add value, beauty, security and privacy to your property. Before you do, consider these important factors, ranging from practicality of materials to current fence laws in Dallas, when it comes to your fence installation needs.

1. Type:

Why do you want a fence? If it’s strictly for function — say, to keep your pets in the yard — a chain link fence would be fine. But if you’re going for privacy or aesthetics, perhaps something taller, made of cedar, with solid panels would be in order. Yes, a fence can achieve many things, but the first step is to consider your primary motivation and work outward from there.

2. Material:

A white picket fence is the dream of many a homeowner. While it may look gorgeous with your cute little ranch or Colonial, you should think about the time commitment involved with maintenance. Are you prepared to seal, paint or stain it every few years to guard against peeling paint and rot? If you still insist on the charm and natural beauty of a wooden picket fence, that’s great. But if you know you won’t have the time or patience for upkeep, perhaps a vinyl option would be more suited to you. You’ll still get the great look without all the hassle.

3. Research the neighborhood:

Before installing a fence of any kind, check with your homeowners or neighborhood associations. Many of these organizations have contracts in place that dictate the look, height, and material of any fences installed within the neighborhood.

4. Check with town hall:

Likewise, your town or city may have rules regarding how far a fence must be set back from sidewalks and property lines. You’ll also have to find out if you will need a building permit. For example, in Dallas, a fence permit is required when installing a fence or wall that exceeds four feet in height in a front yard, and more than six feet tall elsewhere on the property. There may be other requirements if your home sits in a flood plain area, conservation district or historic district. Be sure to check with your town before starting your project.

5. Don’t forget entrances:

A fenced-in area should have at least two entrance points. One should be large enough to fit bulky equipment such as patio furniture, garbage barrels and lawn mowers. Use stepping stones, pergolas and decorative stone pathways to indicate these entrance points.

6. Accents:

Once your fence has been installed, it’s time to consider how you will dress up the area. Usually, just a fence alone can look plain. Consider adding decorative posts, finials, archways, flower beds, gardens and shrubbery to accent the fence and really bring out your style.

7. Cost:

If you can’t afford the cost of outfitting the entire perimeter in cedar, for example, you may consider using this material for the front and sides, and chain link for the back yard portion that may sit against the woods or some shrubs. This will save you on installation costs, as well as maintenance tasks because you won’t have to stain or paint as much material, points out Better Homes and Gardens.


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Glass Pool Fencing and Railing: Daydreaming About Your Dream Pool

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

glass pool fencing backyard

Do you find yourself daydreaming about the pool and surrounding landscape you’d like to have someday? Well, why put it off? Now’s the prefect time to start planning your glass pool fencing and railing.

Glass pool fences and railing systems

make a luxurious addition to your pool area. They pull double duty: they keep children and pets out of the pool area when not in use but they also provide a beautiful fencing option that allows for an unobstructed view. There are many reasons why you would install a glass fence:

  • To protect your garden from animals
  • To provide a railing around open decks or patios
  • To add a barrier around your property without blocking the view

This elegant safety barrier solution enhances the beauty and value of your home, reflecting the latest trends in design. For example, this type of fencing would complement a modern home the best. You can choose from fences that are mounted to concrete, pavement, tiles, wood, or grass. Whether for new construction or renovations, glass fences are built for performance, even though they may look fragile. Typically constructed from premium 1/2” thick tempered safety glass and stainless steel hardware, you don’t have to worry about your fence weathering the storms that come through Dallas regularly.

Benefits of Glass Fencing

There are many benefits to installing glass fencing around your pool area, including:

  • Ability to stand up to the most extreme weather
  • Resistant to water spots and corrosion
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Able to maintain beauty for many years
  • Ability to mount to a variety of materials, from concrete and tiles to wood and grass
  • Uninterrupted view

Perhaps the best for family fun, glass fences allow you a nice view of your backyard and surrounding landscape, which means you can also easily keep an eye on your kids if they decide to leave the pool area and hop on the swing set or picnic table. Glass fences have panels that are climb-resistant, usually available in four- or five-foot heights. Glass pool gates comes with self-closing hinges and latches for added safety. So, if you assume just because you have kids and pets that you’re stuck with mesh, chain link or white vinyl fencing, think again. Glass fencing is just as safe, if not more so.

Balconies and More

Frameless glass fencing isn’t just for pool areas. You can install them anywhere you want to maintain a consistent style and view, such as on a balcony, patio or deck. In these instances, you can choose from a spectrum of glass railing systems that meet stringent guardrail safety requirements and building codes, such as:

  • Fully Frameless Railing
  • Aluminum Post Railing
  • Stainless Steel Post Railing


Because you’re getting a highly weather- and rot-resistant product that offers you a slew of benefits as discussed above, you’ll pay more than you would for wood fencing. However, glass fencing is designed to last a lifetime, with no replacement costs. There are many things that factor into cost, such as the thickness of the glass. The thicker you go, the more expensive the materials will be, says Improvenet.

Another factor that ups the price tag is how many gates you want to install as part of your fence. The more gates, the more money. That’s because the gates require special materials and hardware.

Labor also plays into the cost. Don’t try to save a few bucks and hire someone who’s not licensed and insured. It’s best to pay a bit more and make sure the work is backed up by someone who knows what they’re doing. Ask about warranties that come with the glass fence too.

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5 Benefits of Water Features to Your Landscape

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

custom pool and pergola dallas

Running water can have a calming effect. You know this if you ever spent time near a pool with a fountain, or a waterfall, or the ocean…you get the idea. Well, you could incorporate a water feature into your own yard and it wouldn’t cost a fortune. You can get as simple or elaborate as you want — no trip to the waterfalls of Hawaii required! It’s time to add some natural features to your backyard to truly turn it into the oasis you’ve always wanted. Here are some benefits to adding water features in your landscape.

1. Sounds of Nature:

You work hard all week. You just want to come home and sit in your backyard with a cold drink and a good book. You don’t want to have to travel all the time to witness the awe of nature. So why not make nature come to you? Relax with the soothing sounds of nature to reset your body and reduce your stress level.

2. Ecosystem enhancement:

Water not only attracts humans, it attracts animals as well. When you install a water feature in your yard, you’ll start to see some visitors coming by for a visit. Local wildlife like deer and birds will be attracted to the sound and temptation of drinking or bathing water. Your yard is now a haven for beautiful wildlife, which enhances your local ecosystem. Get out your camera and get ready to snap some pictures of your new friends. Plus, use this as an educational opportunity for your kids, says Gardenerdy. In addition to wildlife, your plants will flourish too.

3. Low maintenance:

Compared with other backyard enhancements, such as swimming pools, pondless water features give you all the benefits of natural surroundings without the hassle and stress of cleaning and maintenance. Perhaps you would like a wall fountain or maybe a cascading, rushing waterfall is more your speed. When you have water features that are constantly circulating, bacteria has a very tough time growing and accumulating. These types of water features are also safer if you have pets and small children who could otherwise fall in and drown with a stagnant pool of water.

4. Unique Landscape:

Water features ensure no one else in your neighborhood offers quite the same experience as you do. By designing your own system, you can get as creative as you want and it won’t look like everybody else’s. You can design hand-carved rocks, for instance, to complete your waterfall, or add natural stepping stones to complete your serene water garden.

5. Adaptation:

Even if you don’t have a large backyard, you can still make use of the space you have with an adaptable water feature. When you have a professional on your side who can design a unique pondless water element, you can make a big impact in a small area. You can tuck it away into a corner of your property as part of your garden, or you can have it front and center near your patio and pool. Got an awkward space? A water feature can be adapted to fit just about anywhere. And if you have always wanted to make better use of a poorly-used area of your yard, this is the perfect solution.

Glass Fencing Dallas, Texas

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How to step up your Dallas landscaping this summer

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

As a homeowner, you know you’re facing a long summer of watering and mowing the lawn. That’s all well and good, but there are other things you can do to step up your game this summer in terms of landscaping. Once you’ve got the lawn down pat, make your yard realize its potential with a few structural additions, stone pathways, gardens, and other visual pops of interest that are sure to add value and curb appeal. We can help you be the envy of your neighborhood with these tips.

Make a Path

Whether meandering or streamlined, pathways add a clearly defined structure to your yard. It doesn’t have to lead to anywhere special. It could guide guests to your front door or maybe to a side-yard garden area with bench. Or maybe down to a babbling brook in your backyard. It could even lead to a patio area or hammock for restful summer reading. Country Living suggests lining your pathways with lavender, which is virtually indestructible, is available in several beautiful shades, and is resistant to the curiosity of nature’s creatures such as deer.

Another way to welcome people to your home is to add a white picket fence with country garden gate. Go one step further and add fragrant star jasmine over the top as a climbing vine. A rustic looking patio off to the side completes the look. Add thyme in between irregularly shaped stones for a cottage country look. Boxwood hedges add even more charm to your pathways, whether you want them rounded, squared off, or snaked through other types of borders.

Add Accessories

Even a lush green lawn needs something to help it stand out against the expanse of your yard. Arbors, pavilions and pergolas are a perfect way to complement your yard and add visual interest. It’s easy to dress up your home and outdoor living space with these items while expressing your personal style. Add value to your property as well as curb appeal with a custom-built arbor structure, pavilion or pergola. They all provide some degree of shade. Which one you choose will depend on your lifestyle. If you want partial shade, a pergola or arbor is wise; if you want full shade, go with a pavilion. A pavilion offers you more entertaining space because of the shade provided, so it’s perfect for adding a full patio set, outdoor furniture or picnic table under. As such, pavilions are more functional.

On the other hand, an arbor or pergola offers more of a visual appeal that doesn’t provide much recreational space but can certainly make for beautiful pictures. Intertwine vines and flowers around these structures for a charming way to welcome people to your garden, small sitting area, bench or pathway.

Gazebos are another option to consider. Best for larger spaces, gazebos are the ultimate destination for family photos through all seasons. From circular to pentagon, you can choose one with a roof and open or screened-in sides. Make it your personal retreat at night to have a glass of wine and socialize with the neighbors.

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Kick your grilling game up a notch with outdoor kitchens

Friday, June 9th, 2017

Outdoor Kitchen

With summer just about here, you’re probably spending more and more time outside near your pool and patio. If you’re lucky enough to have the space, it’s time to invest in an outdoor kitchen. If you entertain a lot, you likely get tired of cooking inside, missing all the good conversation, and carrying all the food and condiments outside to the patio area — then do it all again in reverse when everyone’s done. By the time you get to the party, everyone’s ready to leave!

Keep up with all the action when you put an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Prep, grill, serve and enjoy all in one spot with your family and guests. Check out these cool ideas to kick your grilling game up a notch this summer.

Pool, Pergola and Pizza

A wood fired grill partially shaded by a beautifully crafted pergola, backdropped by your crystal clear pool makes the perfect backyard scene. Incorporate an authentic wood-fired pizza oven that gives you the power to make your hand-made pizza just the way you like it. In fact, it’s the perfect excuse to have a pizza party with friends. They can add their cheese and toppings, you can place it in the oven, then serve up the cheesy goodness as you enjoy the view of your pool.

Go with the Flow

The trend right now is to extend the living room or family room into the backyard, with a flowing transitional concept that ties indoor and outdoor spaces together as part of a seamless atmosphere, says the LA Times. And, advances in technology allow you to keep things cold outside so you don’t have to run back and forth for ice or other cold items. Refrigeration units that would fail five years ago if the temperature got above 90 are now able to thrive in 115-degree conditions.

Year-Round Comfort

For those chilly nights where a sweatshirt is in order, no need to head inside if you have built-in heaters overhead or even in the floors. For even heat distribution, you can’t go wrong with luxuries in heating so that no night is off limits outside when Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate.

Versatile Grilling Options

Sometimes you just want to try a different way of grilling. For that, incorporate a cast-iron flat-topped grill that mimics the ease of a teppanyaki grill. Nothing falls through the cracks and you get an even grilling surface every time. When you want to get back to basics, do it with a modern twist. Invest in a wi-fi smart grill so you can control your cooking while you sit and enjoy a drink with friends. Not only can you fire up the grill remotely, you can also check the temperature, keep track of time, and monitor sensors — all with an app from your smart phone.

Consider layout of your outdoor kitchen, too. You want to incorporate areas where you can sit and enjoy the food you cook, as well as rest a drink or plate while you socialize. What good is it if you have a grill, pizza oven, and beer on tap if you have nowhere to set things?

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Fire and Water: Features That Enhance Your Backyard

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

From fire pits to waterfalls, there’s no better way to incorporate two opposing yet complementary elements in your yard. When looking to enhance the comfort, aesthetics and functionality of your backyard, not to mention the relaxation factor, you may want to consider adding water features and fire features to your property. Merge the elements of fire and water to create a backyard paradise that your whole family and all your guests will enjoy year after year.

Fire Features

From sunken fire pits to traditional custom stone work, you’re sure to boost the satisfaction of your outdoor entertainment needs with a fire feature. Take this natural stone fire pit on HGTV that features a fire brick interior capped in bluestone. The wide nature of the fire pit rim allows for additional  seating. Speaking of stone, here at Outdoor Home Living, we can create custom stonework to contain your fire feature, whether you’re looking for a fire bowl, table, or insert. The material you use to harness the power of your fire is important for safety reasons. That’s why stone works so well.

Whether you use your fire feature for grilling food in the warm months or you just want to create some ambience, the type of fire feature you choose says a lot about your lifestyle. Recessed fire pits are great for modern patios, preferably with no children running about. A stacked stone fireplace is a rustic, kid-friendly addition to any patio, or perhaps even a table-top four-unit pit that shows off your contemporary image.

Water Features

From waterfalls to decorative ponds, water features are a welcome addition to any backyard because they’re relaxing and calming. Not only do they look great, they sound even better, adding to the tranquil nature of the space. Depending on how extensive you want to get, water features provide a focal point and can even attract wildlife in the case of ponds. Your water feature can even go beyond the functional and double as an art piece, like this stacked stone wall. You can get really intricate with a water feature that features varying levels of water spilling over a brick wall, encircling the patio, flowing underneath a decorative bridge and emptying into a fish pond.

Just for a few examples, take a look at what Outdoor Home Living can do with water features:

  • Swim-up bars
  • Built-ins
  • Pool Finishes
  • Decking and Coping
  • Water Features (fountains, waterfalls, jets, etc.)
  • Lighting
  • Hot tubs
  • Spillways
  • Water troughs
  • Bird baths
  • Garden streams
  • Bubblers
  • Add-ons (slides, diving boards, etc.)

Blending the Two

Fire and water: two opposing elements yet complementary in so many ways. How do you bring them both together aesthetically, functionally and safely? Try a combined fire put and waterfall in one. A circular stone fire pit surrounding a large basin of overflowing water featuring a fire in the center is an amazing sight to behold. Or, try something grand like this with a modern horizontal waterfall flanked on both sides by giant tiki torches set in stone bowls. The key behind blending the two features is to hire a professional skilled in water and fire feature design.

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Decorating Your Yard For Fall

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Autumn is a beautiful time spent outdoors. The weather is cooler, signaling the end of summer. The blooms are fading, replaced by hay bales, scare crows, pumpkins and mums. Think bright yellows, oranges, and reds to complement the symbols of the season, from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Get creative with some of these proven ideas that are sure to make your home stand out in seasonal brilliance.

Create a Focal Point

For some homes, this is the front porch; for others, it’s a walkway or garden out front. Whatever your focal point is, make it stand out in fall colors. Got an old wagon, wheelbarrow or bushel basket sitting around in the shed? Haul it out, stock it with different colored mums and Indian corn, with various sizes of pumpkins and gourds arranged in front as seen here in DIY Network. Stagger the height of your display with hay bales. Add a touch of color to orange pumpkins by painting them and adding gauzy bows to the tops. You don’t need a colorful display to make a statement, though. Stick to one color, such as white, to get an unexpected reaction. Add pine cones, cinnamon sticks and acorns around them and you have a versatile display that will make its way into winter.

A pumpkin planter is another alternative, taking its rightful place at the top stair of your front porch. Try this terrarium comprised of a bell jar and a shallow terra-cotta bulb dish that creates a fall-inspired terrarium highlighting your favorite natural elements like miniature pumpkins, pine cones, Spanish moss and leaves.  

decorate for fall

Backyard Getaway

If you love to spend time in your backyard in fall, deck out your patio in warm autumn colors and decor. Pepper it with seasonal flowers that fit your color scheme, matching your patio furniture and throw pillows for a cohesive look. Add a permanent fixture that will last through all seasons, such as a pergola, that gives shade yet offers a beautiful accent to any backyard. Dark wicker furniture with rusty orange padding works great for the fall season. What about a string of outdoor lights in fall colors to accent your porch? Those little twinkling lights aren’t just for winter! They can illuminate your backyard space and give it a touch of whimsy at the same time.

Outdoor Living


Add a Custom Firepit

There’s no better way to spend a crisp evening in the backyard than sitting around a crackling fire pit bundled up in sweatshirts and telling stories. Incorporating a custom stonework fire pit surrounded by cozy chairs can help you boost the character and atmosphere of your outdoor living space. But why stop there? Pair it with a full outdoor kitchen so you can entertain and cook for friends and family without missing out on the conversation. The designers at Outdoor Home Living can help you create a design plan that works with your yard, existing outdoor living space, budget and lifestyle.

New Fire Pit Installed in Dallas

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Flipping Houses? Don’t Forget the Outside!

Monday, October 17th, 2016

We’ve all seen the home improvement shows on TV…you know, the ones where they buy a run-down home for cheap and completely renovate to sell for a profit. Well, if you do this in real life, or if you’re thinking of doing this for a living, you know the exterior is just as important as the interior when flipping houses.

Curb Appeal Starts with the Outside

Studies show that curb appeal is most benefited by certain outdoor features, such as a fresh coat of paint on the front door, a new garage (which can take up to 40% of the front of the home), and a refreshing landscape that doesn’t just include mowing of the lawn but the addition of unique water features, flowers and mulching.

Check out the following tips to spruce up the exterior of any home you flip in order to attract buyers and entice them to go inside.

Warm up the Welcome

Better Homes and Gardens suggests painting the exterior of the home a warm white with khaki shutters just a few shades darker flanked by blue slate steps and stacked stone risers. This carves a clear path to the entry way, inviting guests to your door with a portico that continues to define the entry and offer a transitional space. Of course, what you do with the space depends on the style of the home. To breathe life into a Gothic Revival-style home without sacrificing its historical significance, for example, paint it a subtle gray-blue offset by cream-color trim highlighted by quaint benches and planters to welcome guests.


Liven up the Landscape

Colorful flowers are a great way to achieve classic curb appeal. Line your manicured lawn with a white picket fence reminiscent of yesteryear, covered with roses or vines for a classy look that adds a pop of color to a lush green background. If your entryway isn’t clearly defined, make it stand out with a simple stone or brick path to add charm, suggests DIY Network. Take that charm a step further and add some texture by incorporating various plants, bushes and small trees for variation. Strategically placed landscape lighting will ensure safety come night fall plus illuminate your home and any paths leading to it.

Incorporate Customer Features

For the most impact, it’s wise to have something unique in your landscape, something that stands out above all else, something that no one else has. Custom pools and water features can really transform the look and feel of a home and fetch a higher price. Some features that certainly fit the bill:

  • Custom Water Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Putting Greens
  • Landscaping
  • Fire Pits
  • Swim Up Bars
  • Lighting Effects

The goal of water features in particular is to pull the whole backyard landscape together with unique finishing touches, such as:

  • Water Features such as fountains, waterfalls and jets
  • Pool Finishes
  • Hot tubs
  • Decking and Coping
  • Lighting
  • Spillways
  • Water troughs
  • Bubblers
  • Bird baths
  • Garden streams
  • Add-ons such as slides and diving boardsoutdoor-pool

The purpose of flipping houses is to make money, but the only way you can make even more money is to spend money!

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Combining Creativity and Nature for Stunning Landscape Design

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Combining Creativity and Nature for Stunning Landscape Design

From manicured hedges in intricate patterns to pops of colors, enhancing the overall appeal of your home is made easy with visually pleasing designs. If you’ve been thinking of bringing color and life to your front yard, it’s time to ditch the ho-hum and go big! Landscape design is a combination of creativity and nature, so it stands to reason that blending them in one seamless design is a great way to spruce up your curb appeal. Let’s take a look underneath it all and see what goes into great landscape design.

Large Garden


Before even putting pencil to paper to form your ideas, it’s important to go over the basics. The shape or structure of a plant or object is its form, and which form you use will depend on the landscape design theme, says the Landscaping Network. If you’re looking to go with a formal garden, your forms should be tailored, featuring clipped hedges and sculptured topiaries. If it’s an informal garden you’re after, you can go with more of a natural, flowing form.


Next up, consider the scale of your plan. This basically refers to the size relationship between elements within the garden and the yard around it. Making appropriate size choices that are in perspective with the setting will give you a good scale from which to start. When considering which plants and structures to incorporate, take into account the size of the yard as well as the size of the home. You don’t want a large gazebo in a tiny yard, which will overwhelm the space, or a small trellis in a huge yard which will quickly get lost.


Texture is also important. Texture is a big part of plants, to be sure, but it’s also a big part of hardscape materials. When you think of texture, you think of how smooth, rough or coarse something is, which is why you should take into consideration the texture of your plants, from branches to leaves to bark, when designing your landscape. A variety of textures provides a variety of visual elements that can really pull the whole look together.


Don’t forget that pop of color! Bright reds, yellows, oranges and greens create dimension and interest. When used in conjunction with paving, walls or fences, you can use colors to craft harmony or contrast, depending on the look you’re going for. Color is perfect within a landscape to draw the eye to important features like sculptures or fountains, complement your home, and even attract wildlife such as deer and birds.

Natural Flow

Shrubbery and plants are two important elements of incorporating natural flow in your designs, as they not only hide imperfections, but also add a green and flowery element. Take great care in planning your trees, shrubs and ground covers, planting them in stages and selecting materials that work in harmony with the rest of the landscape. Use mulch and ground cover to define your boundaries, making them undulate or achieve crisp lines: your choice. Water features are another way you can embrace nature within your landscape designs. If you have a small lake or pond on your property, use cobblestone pavers to create an irregular-shaped patio, with a rustic stone pathway that meanders to the water feature.

Traditional Patio

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Make Your Backyard Party Central This Summer

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

If you’re an entertainer — especially when the weather warms up and the pool is open — you want your backyard to be party-ready. After all, summer just wouldn’t be complete without dips in the pool, campfires, grilled burgers and dogs, and music. If your backyard is just ho-hum, it’s time to spruce it up and get serious about summer entertaining.

Go Big or Go Home

If you realize your sad little picnic table and grill just won’t cut it anymore, get innovative through some customized features. You can spend as little or as much as you want on your backyard paradise; it all depends on your budget and entertainment needs. You can always add on features each year until you have a complete backyard oasis. Got a big family or love to entertain the neighbors in the beautiful weather? Kick it up a notch with an outdoor living space that defines what you’re all about and what you want to accomplish. You don’t have to go it alone. Here at Outdoor Home Living, our consultants can help you come up with a design that works for you.

Backyards have come a long way from simple decks and patio areas: today’s outdoor living spaces are almost like you brought the inside of your home outside. If you’re the grill master of your family, you’ll want a full kitchen complete with grill, sink, prep areas and seating areas. The trend is moving away from simple concepts and toward open concepts yet with defining spaces of walls, ceiling, roofs, gazebos, and pergolas, says HGTV. With the addition of a custom pool, gazebos, arbors, and full kitchens, you can finally achieve the outdoor living space of your dreams. Here are a few features inherent in a beautiful backyard oasis.

Outdoor Living Addition
Photo by Lindross RemodelingLook for contemporary patio design inspiration


Everybody in the Pool!

The hot months of summer leave many craving a dip in the pool to cool off. Throwing the ultimate party that everyone wants to attend starts with a pool — a custom pool if you can swing it. Want to really impress your guests? A swim-up bar just like you would find at a Caribbean resort is the perfect accompaniment to outdoor living. Don’t stop there. Water features are all the rage. Just imagine laying on a raft in the pool while listening to the gentle sounds of a waterfall. Landscaping around the pool can include something unique like decorative stamped concrete with texture to avoid slippage. Landscape lighting and surround system with piped-in music will set the stage for any party.

Dallas Vanishing Edge Project
Photo by Falling Water Custom Pools, Inc.Search tropical pool design ideas



If you and your golfing buddies still want to play some golf but don’t want to head all the way to the local golf course, add your very own putting green to your backyard. For relaxing after dinner, a custom stone work fire pit surrounded by versatile outdoor furniture with comfortable padding is the ideal way to gather at the end of the day. Your semi-enclosed patio area may feature a man cave of sorts, with flat screen TV on the exterior wall, electric lights and stereo system.

Best Landscape
Photo by Samscaping Landscape Design and BuildDiscover contemporary landscape design inspiration


Give Outdoor Home Living in Dallas a Call

Want to bring all those ideas to fruition this summer? There’s still time to call and schedule a design consultation. Contact us at 214-328-5296 or fill out our contact form for more info. Happy partying!